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Attendance Register

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Attendance Register

We, the prominent manufacturer and supplier of Security Systems offer unique range of Attendance Registers catering to specific requirements of commercial places, offices, etc. Our Attendance Registers are widely used by several companies. These Attendance Registers are available at reasonable price range, which distinguish us from our competitors in the market.

Attendance System: Use Fingerprint and or card based attendance system to reduce time spent in non-core activities by employee, while increasing the productivity. Avoid buddy punching and encourage punctuality using this true-data system.

Attendance System Salient Features
  • Fast and accurate fingerprint verification

  • Cards not compulsory

  • Easy, interactive GUI

  • Daily attendance reports

  • Client specific customization possible

  • Seamless multi-location system

  • Use your existing infrastructure

  • Supported time events

  • Default: In, Out, In/Out

  • Breaks: Break Out, Break In

  • Time Office Features: Processing of time events based on

  • Shift data

  • Leave allocation and availability

  • Shift rotation

  • Time events received by fingerprint system

  • Manual entry


  • Suitable for diverse applications through high speed network (LAN)

  • Suitable for Time and Attendance Management by supporting functional keys (attendance, going out, return)

  • Strengthening user's setting (ID Digits, Voice Information, Sensor Option, Operation Mode, etc.)

  • Improving user's convenience by Auto-on, short ID, Group matching function

  • Supports various security type by the combination of authentication methods (fingerprint, password, RF Card)


  • IBS Building

  • Bank and Financial institutes

  • Factory

  • Hotel

  • Laboratories and Computer center

  • Time and Attendance Application


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Fire Alarm
CCTV System
Biometric and Access Control System
Attendance Register

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